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Thank you for visiting my website. I'm in the process of refocusing the site to a general Civil War civilian direction. However, the majority of the Texas information will be housed on the new site. The address will remain the same, so visit every so often to see the new site. 

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Mrs. Kelly Lauderdale and Tabitha Hooper in the kitchen of the Texian Farm, Pioner Farms, Austin TX

Texas has always been different than the rest of the nation. Even now our tourism slogan “It’s Like a Whole Other Country” pretty much sums up how Texans feel about their state.This was also true during the American Civil War. Having voted strongly in favor of secession and joining the Confederate States of America, Texas found itself once again a little different than the rest of the country. Since few battles were fought on Texas soil, civilian Texas saw little of the devastation and severe hardships found in other parts of the South.

Not only was Texas different from other Southern states, but also the regions of Texas could differ greatly within the state itself, politically and culturally. This Texan individuality offers a wide range of interpretations for the Texas Civil War living historian—rich or poor, resident or refugee, pro-Union or pro-Confederate, slave holding or abolitionist, foreign or American born, farmer or urban professional, male or female, young or old.

Currently, the typical Texas civilian impression reflects a general southern impression that might be found in the upper southern states. However, this impression is not always accurate for a Texas civilian. This site provides information and links that will help the Civil War living historian to develop an appropriate impression of the Civil War civilian in Texas and the Texas home front.

This site does not at this time address African American and Hispanic impressions. If you have researched in these areas and are willing to share your research, please contact

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