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Sheer Paletot

This is slightly out of order. Carolann Schmitt’s Genteel Arts sheer paletot class was held in October 2016. Another wonderful time with friends, sewing, education and fabric. Carolann provided several photos of original garments and how they were worn. The sheer paletot was not used for warmth, but as an accessory, to change up the look of a dress.┬áIt could be worn during the day or with an evening dress. The paletot could be black or white and trimmed with lace, ribbon, fringe or a combination.

I arrived in Gettysburg with enough time to get my fabric and trim at Needle and Thread. The paletot can be made with a sheer fabric, the sheerer the better, or net. I chose to go with the net. Cotton net is not cheap, but it works so well for this project. I chose white and a white velvet ribbon trim. I used the KayFig Paletot pattern that I had already used and split the sleeves. I also, apparently, lost some weight as we had to alter the size a bit as well.

The sheer paletot is put together pretty much like a regular paletot, except the seams are reinforced with a cotton cord; we used a small crochet weight thread, similar to what would be used for piping.

Since my fabric does not fray, I was able to lay my trim on the unfinished edge.








Yes, this is a UFO for me; but that is ok as I will take it to events to work on or in front of the TV during the winter.









The finishing touch will be fringe off the sleeves and along the bottom. I plan to close it with hooks and thread eyes. I will update when completed.


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