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If you are not lucky enough to be able to examine original garments in person, the next best thing is to examine photos of originals. Feel free to contact me from the About Me page if you know of other links that should be included here.

I maintain a Pinterest board of originals, as do several other individuals. The link will take you to my board; however, conduct a search on Pinterest using various terms such as 19th century, civil war, or period clothing or fashion. For more specific results include women, men, or children.

The American Textile History Museum
The Chace Catalogue provides access to information about the American Textile History Museum’s artifact collections and the Osborne Library’s extensive holdings.

Augusta Auctions
Use the search function to find items from the period you are interested in.

Demode’s Digital Collections of Extant Costumes
This directory lists online collections of extant (ie surviving) historical costume, generally in museums.

The Furr Homespun Dress
This dress is owned by Vicki Betts of Tyler, Texas. This site is an extensive examination of the garment.

The Graceful Lady
Anna Allen’s website. She is no longer updating this site; however, the she has a great collection of pictures of original garments stored here.

Heather Hook’s Collection
I was lucky to be able to visit with Heather when she shared her collection with me and friends. This is a link to my blog with some of the pictures.

K. Krewer’s Photobucket Collection
Several files of photos of originals.

McCord Museum
Items from the American Civil War from the museum’s collection.

Mary Quite Contrary
Original garment photos collection

National Trust Collection
British, but very nice items.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
This link is to original jewelry

Metropolitan Museum of Art
This link is to dresses

Smithsonian Museum of American History
Dress collection

Susan Greene Collection
Housed at the John L. Wehle Gallery, Genesee Country Village and Museum. Another collection I was able to get behind the scenes and close up to the garments. This is a link to my blog post with some of the photos I took.

Victoria and Albert Museum
If you can’t make it to England to see the collection, they at least have a searchable database online.