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Genteel Arts: Accessories and Gloves

The last Genteel Arts class of the year was Accessories and Gloves. The class was divided into two days; students could take one project one day and then the other the next day. My first project was the Accessories class, which focused on sashes and bows. The patterns were drafted by Maggie Koenig and we received patterns for several different sashes and bows. As usual Carolann had a few period examples from her collection.


I chose to make the green and white bow using some left over orange silk taffeta.

I didn’t get very far in one day, but I think one of the loops turned out well.

The next day I got to work on gloves. These are very fiddely. Sizing the pattern is the most time consuming and that is as far as we got. But I have a well sized pattern and will continue to work on them at home. These will be black and unlined. I haven’t yet cut out the leather as I want to make one more muslin glove first to be sure it is fitting exactly as I want it.



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