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Broderie Anglaise

How can I get so lucky!! Two Genteel Arts classes in one month! My second class was Broderie Anglaise hosted by the Surratt House Museum in Clinton MD and presented by Carolann Schmitt. This is addictive needlework. We started the class with an overview of broderie anglaise including a wonderful display of original garments with the broderie work and a pattern book. All of the following photos are from the […]

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Collars, Cuffs, Chemisettes and Undersleeves

In April I attended another Genteel Arts class in Gettysburg. This one was making collars, cuffs, chemisettes and undersleeves. My purpose in attending this class was to 1) make a collar pattern that would fit my basic bodice pattern, and 2) begin a chemisette for my Cape May dress. Tasks accomplished, sort of. I did get a collar pattern that now fits my basic bodice as well as another dress […]

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