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Civilian Symposium Comes to an End

I’ll say it up front: The Civilian Symposium aka The Ladies and Gentlemen of the 1860s Conference has come to an end after 23 years of promoting authenticity and research in the living history field. Genteel Arts continues with workshops and lectures in locations throughout the country. This was a surprise to me but understand the need to let go and move on. I’m looking forward to Carolann’s presentations and […]

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Genteel Arts: Accessories and Gloves

The last Genteel Arts class of the year was Accessories and Gloves. The class was divided into two days; students could take one project one day and then the other the next day. My first project was the Accessories class, which focused on sashes and bows. The patterns were drafted by Maggie Koenig and we received patterns for several different sashes and bows. As usual Carolann had a few period […]

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