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New Undies!

Now that I live in the East, I am able to attend more of Carolann Schmitt’s sewing classes. The classes start at 8:00 am and run to 5:00 pm so they are full weekend sessions. She provides us with a notebook with a bibliography and gives an overview lecture. The most recent was a chemise and drawers class.  The weekend was divided up into sections; we first worked on the […]

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To the Top of the Mountian 2016: Mt. Washington NH, Part II

Sunday Sunday morning we packed up early and headed to the Mt. Washington Hotel for their buffet breakfast, in period dress. We were given a private room that overlooked the main dining room. We had many of the other guests asking questions, mostly “what are you doing?”         The food was great but the hotel is beautiful! It was built in 1902, so after our interpretation period, […]

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