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Cape May: The Event, Sunday

Sunday of the Cape May event was a nice relaxing time at Cape May Point State Park. After leaving the house we drove the short distance to the park where a pavilion was rented for us.

This was such a relaxing way to spend the last day of an event. The tables were eventually covered with white table clothes and box lunches were brought in, which were quickly unpacked on to period appropriate plates. During the day we roamed the grounds and looked out over the bay and marshes.

We admired the light house; unfortunately, the ladies in hoops were not allowed to climb to the top.








Some of us also gathered for another group photo by Mr. Pfeifer. This is a fantastic image and I think looks spot on! Another visitor at the park even stopped traffic along the road between us and Mr. Pfeifer so he could get this shot.

An arts and crafts project was available to us under the pavilion making shell picture frames. I have not yet finished mine, but other participants have and they are beautiful. I plan to use mine to frame my tintype.

This was another splendid event thought up and produced by Jessica Craig. It was a lovely weekend enjoying activities of the 1860s at the seaside. I can’t wait for Welbourne in October and whatever period get away Jessica puts together next.

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