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ALHFAM 2017: Part 3, The Jello Museum and Genesee Country Village & Museum

Tuesday was tour day. My first stop was the Jell-O Museum in LeRoy, NY. It’s a small museum in an old school house behind the LeRoy Historical Society. It is cute with all sorts of Jell-O stuff.









As the museum is maintained and organized by the Historical Society, the basement included a non-Jell-O exhibit on transportation with sleighs, wagons and buggies.

After a quick stop with Jell-O we headed on to Genesee Country Village & Museum. The village has structures from the late 1700s to the 1850s. The antebellum structures are organized around a village square.


My first stop was the Settler section of the park. These included houses and other structures from the early 1800s.

























One of the cool things about ALHFAM trips is that there are almost always animals.


And period farming activities.

And fun competitions like this plowing contest.


I really think the oxen were a bit confused by the ineptitude of some of the participants; however, several ladies won prizes in the beginners category.

Other skills demonstrated included rope making and processing flax for linen.



















Trades such as a brewery, a potter, wagon maker and a gun smith were interpreted.















The park includes a turn of the century section with two 1870-1880 houses. They were wonderful inside. Notice the baby walker and adult walker in a couple of the rooms.

































The antebellum area was, of course, the area I really wanted to see.
































































































Dinner was served at the park as well with entertainment from the Alleghany River Indian Dancers; they were really good and it was something I don’t see very often.

So ended ALHFAM 2017. I’m really glad I went. Saw some friends from Texas I hadn’t seen in a while. Learned some things. Next year is in Oklahoma, then Canada, and then Sturbridge Village.

I did stop at a cute little cemetery in Liverpool PA on the way home.










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